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Apple iPhone 5 was recently launched, and once again created a huge buzz all around the world. As always with the new Apple gadget comes the new  giveaway campaigns, it's no different with the Free iPhone 5 limited promotion this time too. iPhone 5 is one of those devices that everyone is dieing for. It doesn't matter what age you are, every person wants to get their hands on this incredible electronic gadget. This is the exact reason what makes companies to run contests, giveaways, sweepstakes and other type of promos which involves the most popular XXI century electronic devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Everyone wants free stuff and smart marketers, market research companies, new and or estamblished companies knows that and taking advantage of running the Free iPhone 5 campaigns with only one mind in head - to grow their presence on the internet, make more sales and attract new potential interested clients. But how exactly do they capable of doing this by giving away a Free iPhone 5? The answer is - the power of viral marketing and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.



Tweet the message to win a free iPhone 5 contests


Now, we are pretty sure you have already seen people tweeting or retweeting messages with the giveaways that includes Call to Action, brand name and contest website address. In exchange for one tweet or retweet you have a chance to win a free prize. Well, everything sounds great, all you need to do is just click one mouse button to tweet the message on your Twitter profile and you are in! No, it's not as easy as it looks like. The more popular contests gets the less chances you have. If 1.000.000 Twitter users will tweet the message, that means you are one of million winning the gadget. For the firm it's dream come true, because more than one million users see their brand name, plus if the users are targered and likes what the comapany have to offer - they can earn a huge sum of money. It is a very clever marketing strategy. What we suggest is -don't waste your precious time on contests like these, because chances are very slim. Instead below we are going to reveal less popular, 100% working, legit and honest way of getting you Free iPhone 5 without any competition. The method that hardcore freebie seekers ain't talking about very loud, though these giveaways are also closely linked to the brand, product marketing.


Tell me more about the Free iPhone 5 secret loophole!

Everyone that are serious about getting anything online probably already have heard about sites that pays money for completing surveys, offers, opening and reading emails, clicking on the banners and visiting advertisers sites. YES, these kind of sites are legit and it has a long history behind already. Today you can find dozens of sites that offer cash for the above quick actions you make. So, the same model applies to the Free iPhone 5 campaigns, just instead of cash, you can get get a free electronic devices, like free iPhone 5 or free iPad 2 (these two are the most popular ones at the moment).

Sounds to good to be true? Don't worry, companies behind it are very smart and at the end they are still making money. Let's just say that this is one of the Paid Traffic method. You can google for more information.


What exactly do I need to do to get a Free iPhone 5 ?

It involves these 5 steps.

1. Visit the
2. Find the most recent up-to-date Free iPhone 5 promotion banner and click on it
3. Enter your VALID email address or zip code to get started

4. Complete a survey and a several different offers
5. Provide your shipping address and wait for your Free iPhone 5 to arrive!

That's it ! Oh, keep in mind that you must have 18 years old or older and US citizen.



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